Oil resistant conveyor belts

The cover rubber compound  for oil resistant conveyor belts is especially conceived for resistance to mineral oils and grease. It has also good abrasion and weather resistance. This conveyor belt is recommended for the contact with oil treated materials.

When ordering oil resistant conveyor belts please mention the following: type of oil, approximate quantity of oil content, details of temperature range, details of previously used belts. This information will us to recommend you the best for your requirements.
The carcass is made of polyamide / polyester (EP) , polyester / polyester(EE) , polyamide / polyamide (PP) fabrics.

Oil resistant conveyor belts characteristics
Conveyor type Standard Temperature range Resistance to oil Mixture carcass composition Mixture cover  composition
ROS DIN 22102/1-91 G – 30….+  100°C Excellent oil and greases resistant conveyor belts NBR + SBR NBR
G DIN 22102/1-91 G – 30 ….+ 80°C Good oil resistant conveyor belts SBR + NBR NBR + SBR
GM DIN 22102/1-91 G – 30 …+ 70°C Medium oil resistant conveyor belts SBR NBR + SBR


Dimensions Width, mm Covered edges 800 – 1800 ± 1%
Cut edges 500 – 1800 ± 1%
Thickness of belt, mm 4 – 24
Thickness of covers, mm Request of the client
Deviation from thickness Belt Under 10mm ± 1mm
Over 10mm ± 10%
Rubber cover Under 4mm -0,2 mm / + free
over 4mm – 5 % / + free
Length, m Request of the client
Insertion’s characteristics Insertions number 2 – 6
Type of insertion EP80 EP100 EP125 EP160 EP200 EP250 EP315 EP400 EP500
Tensile strength, kgf (for 50mm*200mm) Longitudinal 500 700 800 1000 1200 1500 2000 2200 2800
Transversal 250 250 350 380 500 500 500 500 500
Adhesion, kgf/cm, min. Between plies 5
Between insertions and rubber covers Under 1.5mm 3.5
Over 1.5mm 4.5
Edges Covered edges For further protection, the edges are moulded integrally with rubber covers.
Cut edges The impregnated carcass is fully water tight and impervious to ingress of liquids. Cut edges do therefore not represent a risk to belt life.
Surfaces -both surfaces covered-one  surface covered and the other uncovered
-both surfaces uncovered
Breaking force of conveyor belt,(kgf/cm) Is given by the type and number of insertions