Profiled rubber gaskets and pressed rubber gaskets and seals

Pressed rubber gaskets are made in molds from different rubber compounds. Profiled rubber gaskets are made by extrusion, with various sections. Vulcanization is conducted in hot air tunnel, whose temperature is controlled at every stage of the technological process.

We offer a wide range of rubber gaskets (standard models or custom made) from the simplest to the most complicated gaskets, with or without reinforcement, general purpose rubber (SBR, NR), oil resistant (NBR), ozone resistant (EPDM), etc.

O Rings

They are manufactured from rubber with no textile or metallic insertions, and are useful in machine building, for fixed or mobile gaskets, for translation or rotational motion. “O” Rings are oil and fuel resistant, gas-proof and non-resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons.

Elastic couplings

They are useful in machine building, in transmission of engine gear motion. They are oil resistant at temperatures ranging between -30 and +70°C.

Rubber gaskets for conveyors

Flippers and distance pieces used to protect from metallic roller wear, they are manufactured for underground or above surface use in different circumstances and environments; lids and rings used as tightening elements for roll bearings, they are manufactured from oil and fuel resistant mixtures.

Hoses and clutches

We make joint-hoses and elastic cranks for cars, trucks and tractors cooling systems. They can be with or without a textile insertion. We manufacture transmission boots used at axle shafts and also steering boots and joint ball suspension boots that belong to this category. They are made from a rubber mixture with medium resistance to oil products, with hardness of 50-60o Shore A, break resistance of minimum 140 kgf/ cm2 and with high resistance to ozone, low temperatures and repeated flexing resistance.

Other kinds of rubber gaskets

Rubber plates mounted under the rails, manufactured in agreement with UIC standards. Elastic elements for supporting the shaking screeners from coal preparations. Gaskets of any other type or dimension band any other client’s wish.