Rubber technical sheets

They are manufactured in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors in the following types:

– rubber sheets for general use
– antistatic and oil resistant rubber sheets
– abrasion resistant rubber sheets
– TPU cover rubber sheets
– rubber sheets bi coloured sandwich
– rubber sheets with top rough model

They are used to cover floors in industrial buildings, cover work tables, for punching seals, floor coverings for cars, wearing drums reconditioning etc.

Types  Properties and applications  Working temperature °C
1. Comart SBR,NR,or blend of SBR with NR quality,suitable for general application where no particular,physical properties are required.Used for water,air,alkaline solution   -30°C..+70C
2. Abrart SBR and blend of SBR with NR ,with mechanical properties and very good resistance to abrasion.  -30°C…+70C
3. Oilart Based of NBR,resistant to fuel B or blend of NBR with SBR, resistant to oil and mineral, animal and vegetal fats -30°C…+110°C
4. Heatart EPDM or blend of EPDM with IIR quality,indicated for application with temperature more than 110°C up  to 150°C. Resistant to ozone,ageing -40°C…+150°C
5. Neoart Based of CR rubber indicated for application to atmospheric agent at average temperature. Resistant to many chemical substances(acids and bases) -40°C…+100°C
6. Trisart Sandwich SBR quality: two layers of black rubber and one layer colouredIndicated for applications to water,air where required resistance to abrasion and mechanical properties -30°C…+70°C
7. Roughart Based of SBR quality  resistant to abrasion ,with one surface top rough model.May be used and as a mould -30°C…+70°C
8. Ozoart EPDM rubber quality particulary indicated for application where required resistance at atmospheric agents,ozone and ageing -30°C…+125°C

Aspect and dimensions:
Thickness:1 to 40 mm
Surface appearance:
-for thickness 1 to10 mm, both smooth surface ,one surface smooth and the other impressed or both impressed surfaces;
– for thickness over 10mm, one surface smooth and the other impressed or both smooth surfaces.
Length (mm): 5000; 10000 ±3%
Width (mm):1000; 1200; 1300; 1400; 1600 ±3%
Structure : mono-structure or with one or two textile insertion

Tolerance of thickness

Thickness 1,00 1,50 2,00 3,00 4,50 6,00 10,00 12,50 and over
Tolerance ±0,20 ±0,25 ±0,30 ±0,40 ±0,55 ±0,75 ±1,00 ±10%